Eureka Enviro Review, excellent for Hard-Floor

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Looking for a sleek, compact way to keep your sealed hard floors sparkling clean without spending a ton? The Eureka Enviro is a simple solution that's been proven effective by its userbase year after year, for over a decade.

At its core, the Eureka Enviro is a workhorse that's designed to get your floors clean and, well - just work. That's why many Enviro customers are still happily using their original Enviro after 10 years of regular use! That's not to say the Enviro hasn't been updated - over the years Eureka has slimmed down the handle and updated the main chassis to keep the design looking clean and modern.

This straightforward steam mop may not have all the features that the newest models are flouting, but what it lacks in style and versatility it more than makes up for in simple effectiveness and reliability. And at a price point that doesn't break the bank, there's not much to complain about.

Eureka Enviro Review

A simple, affordable steam mop that gets the job done. Easy to set up, easy to use, easy to store. It may not have all the special features found on higher end steam mops, but it still gets your hard surfaces sparkling clean. Perfect for small-medium homes and apartments.

Quick Facts

  • Lightweight: only 7.5 pounds
  • Rectangular cleaning head measures 7" by 12.5"
  • Height: 49" with adjustable-length handle
  • Safe for use on all hard, sealed surfaces
  • 20 ft. power cord

Build and Design

The Enviro maintains ​a low profile by keeping everything at ground level: the water reservoir sits directly on top of the steam unit, which sits directly on top of the cleaning pad, which sits directly on your floor. The thin, adjustable handle combined with the low center of mass makes the Enviro surprisingly agile, although not great for reaching under counters or a fridge. If your house has tight corners or small nooks and crannies, you may find yourself having to reach those sections by hand.

Eureka Enviro Steam Cleaner Face

The Eureka Enviro pulls dirt up from your floor into the soft "Magic Cloth", which can easily be swapped for a clean cloth mid-cleaning. The Magic Cloths are also machine washable so that, properly cared for, each cloth can last for years. Some users have reported their cloths not fitting the unit after shrinking in the dryer, however proper care with a low-heat drying cycle should keep them in perfect shape for years to come!

One initial downside of the Eureka Enviro is​ that it appears to leak for the first 2-3 uses. According to Eureka, this is caused by super-hot water coming out of the steam nozzles before steam is produced due to a lack of nucleation sites in the reservoir.

You can reduce the problem by leaving the steam mop on the heating pad for an extra 3 - 5 minutes during your first use to help create these nucleation sites, or allow them to form naturally during your first couple uses. It's manageable, but it's definitely a drawback for getting started with the Enviro.

How to use

​One major benefit of simple design is that it's also easy to set up and use. Simply fill the water reservoir and plug it in to warm up and you're ready. The Enviro does take 3-4 minutes to get up to its operating temperature of 220F, and lets you know as soon as it does with a yellow and green indicator light on top of the unit. Once the light is green, you're good to go! 

In addition to regular deep cleaning, the Enviro can also kill germs and bacteria on your floors. To disinfect, simply hold the steam mop in one spot for 8 seconds to allow the surface temperature to reach 170F - hot enough to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. 

Eureka Enviro Cleaning Tile Floor

Keep in mind - the heat of the steam mop can also damage certain types of flooring. The Eureka Enviro is approved for use on: hard wood, linoleum, marble, granite, stone, and laminate. However, you always want to be careful when using the steam mop on any unsealed or heat-sensitive surface. When cleaning wood floors, make sure not to leave the steam mop in any one spot for too long or else it may cause the wood grain to expand.


  • Cleaning cloth detaches & is machine washable for re-use
  • Indicator light alerts you when it's time to change water
  • Swivel mop head reaches into tight spots & corners
  • Chemical-free clean that kills 99.9% of germs

Who is the Eureka Enviro for?

The Eureka Enviro is the ideal steam mop if you want ​a product that gets the job done reliably, even if it lacks some user-friendly features. This steam mop provides a great clean from day 1, and will likely keep going until you decide to upgrade at some point down the line. Ideal for homes or apartments with 1-3 hard floor rooms.

What's in the box?

The Eureka Enviro is fairly self-contained, and as a result there's only a couple of pieces to open up during the unboxing. The two most obvious pieces are the core chassis and the adjustable handle, which screws neatly into place (and can be removed for easy storage).

The Enviro also comes with 2 of the reusable Magic Cloths, which is about perfect for cleaning 2-3 rooms and a hallway in a single session. Also included are a measuring cup and funnel for filling the main water tank without making a mess.

The other key component is the pre-heating and cooling pad. The pad serves an important function by providing a surface to set the mop on while heating up or cooling down after cleaning. This ensures the mop reaches ideal temperatures without damaging your floors by sitting too long on one spot. 

Final Thoughts


  • Great for open, flat surfaces
  • Easy to push & move around
  • Great clean quality
  • Great price
  • Only needs water; no chemicals


  • Leaks water for first 2-3 uses
  • Water & pad changes can take time
  • Single power setting: on or off

The Eureka Enviro is one of the best affordable steam mops on the market. Its simple design makes it highly reliable, however it is a little lacking in quality-of-life features found on newer models. A solid product for any small-medium home that needs regular, light steam mopping.